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Gauged Ear Repair, Portland Oregon

Stretched ear repair is a small surgical procedure that repairs earlobes that have actually been stretched by disc or plug earrings. The surgery brings back ears to their original form so they look like they did prior to using discs.

Cosmetic surgery for ears is not an unusual procedure. people seek gauged ear repair to improve the visual appearance of their earlobes and feel more confident in their day to day activities.

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How Gauged Ear Repair Works

Gauged ear repair is performed in a single visit with a local anesthetic. Many clients find the treatment is completely pain-free. Each surgical procedure will vary slightly depending on the individual's needs.

Generally, this is the gauged ear repair process:

  1. The doctor makes small cuts in the extended part of the ear.
  2. Excess tissue is then surgically removed.
  3. The doctor begins reshaping and stitching the earlobe.
  4. Finally, dressings are used to protect the affected area.


Gauged Ear Repair Recovery

People can resume their day to day routines within one or two days after the procedure, although it is typically a good idea to take it easy when healing from any surgical procedure. If you experience any unforeseen and extended discomfort, we may suggest a non-prescription pain medication.

Your repaired earlobe will look natural and fully restored once it recovers. After a few weeks, you may choose to have your ears pierced again if you would like.


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