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Laser Tattoo Removal Portland, Oregon

Individuals seek professional laser tattoo removal for a number of reasons. You may be seeking a clean canvas for a fresh tattoo or are simply looking to feel comfortable in your own skin again. Whatever the case, we are here to help.

Lasers have been the standard for the most effective tattoo removal treatment for quite some time. Previous methods of tattoo removal left scars, called for surgical procedures, caused unnecessary pain, and were simply inefficient. In the hands of our medically trained staff of registered nurses and board-certified plastic surgeon, we are the safest and most effective option for local residents of Portland, Oregon to  conveniently remove unwanted ink.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoo removal is a procedure that requires patience. There are a number of variables that effect just how quickly and effectively laser tattoo removal will be. Density of the ink, shade of the pigment as well as skin type are just a few of these variables. We see most tattoos vanish in 4-7 tattoo removal treatment sessions, usually spaced about 8-12 weeks apart. The tattoo removal laser allows your body's immune system to carry away the tattoo ink by breaking it down into smaller sized fragments. Once the fragments of ink have actually been broken down enough, the body's white blood cells are able to progressively take care of the pigment.

The video to the right is a great resource for learning exactly how tattoo removal lasers work as well as why picosecond lasers are the most efficient laser for removing tattoos.

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