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Laser Removal for Permanent Eye Makeup

Permanent eye makeup guarantees lasting beauty and a hassle-free routine. When the results excel, tattooed makeup can be a great alternative to wearing and preparing temporary makeup on a daily basis. But sometimes things go wrong, and even if it's off by just the tiniest amount, it can have a detrimental impact to your self esteem.

Laser removal for permanent makeup is the best and most effective solution to fixing these problems. People look for permanent makeup removal when the pigment changes, is no longer the ideal hue or simply doesn't look like they expected. We utilize the newest laser technology to remove a variety of inks, including those used in permanent makeup solutions.

How Permanent Makeup Removal Works

Lasers safely get rid of the pigment of permanent make-up. Various other approaches may not perform as well, could leave marks or trigger discomfort. Our medically trained staff consists of registered nurses and a board licensed cosmetic surgeon. Your health, safety, and comfort are all top priorities for us when under our care.

Our medically trained technicians use the Cutera Enlighten laser to remove tattoos, including permanent eye makeup. The laser breaks down the pigment with bursts of light that reach underneath the surface area of the skin. After each treatment, your body will begin to eliminate the ink, eventually removing all ink particles from your system.

Before beginning the permanent makeup removal process, we use medicated eye drops to anesthetize your eyes.. The treatment is pain-free and safe. Corneas are secured from the laser with stainless steel shields and your eyes will remain unharmed throughout the procedure.

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